by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  May 16, 2014 at 6:41 PM Lifestyle News
 Survey Reveals the Most Outrageous Hotel Complaints
Some of the most outrageous complaints made to the hotel staff by people have been revealed in a recent survey.

According to travel search engine Skyscanner's poll of 400 international hotel workers, people complained about overly-handsome waiter, a snoring girlfriend and the sea being too blue, reported.

Other complaints included sheets being too white, ice cream being too cold, the bath being too big and no steak on a vegetarian menu and one customer asked for a discount after his sleep was disturbed by his snoring girlfriend, while another asked for a refund as his dog had an unhappy stay.

Most unusual complaints made to hotel staff are:

1. The sheets are too white

2. The sea was too blue

3. Ice cream too cold

4. Bath was too big

5. Girlfriend's snoring kept guest awake

6. Guest's dog didn't enjoy his stay

7. Hotel had no ocean view (in Mayfair, London)

8. There was no steak on vegetarian menu

9. Waiter was too handsome

10. Mother of groom wasn't given the honeymoon suite

Source: ANI

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