Survey Lists Popular Sex-related Words Aussies Type to Seek Cybersex

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 5 2008 10:22 AM

"Sex", "brothel", "adult services", "porn", "gay", stripper", "swingers"- these are some of the words that Aussies usually type in to Google for getting their dose of erotica, according to a new survey.

The inaugural Pentagon Grand Australian Sex Survey was mainly aimed at measuring the number of times web users in each Australian state search for sex-related words through the Internet site Google.

The findings revealed that Queenslanders and people from New South Wales are completely in love with sex, each topping the list for five sex-related words each, ahead of all the other states.

It was revealed that those living in NSW are more likely to search for "sex", "brothel", "adult services", "porn" and "gay" than in any other state.

But, Queenslanders weren't far behind and have matched (New South Wales) NSW's tally of five by searching for "stripper", "swingers", "free porn", "threesome" and "sex shops" more than anyone else.

"While it was a very close battle for internet sex supremacy between the rival states, Queenslanders were not as keen to hand over their credit cards to pay for porn websites," quoted Rachel Love, who is the general manager for Gold Coast brothel Pentagon Grand, which is behind the study, as saying.

She added: "This could mean that Queenslanders are either smarter or cheaper."

While naughty South Australians were found looking up "orgy", "sex toys" and "bondage", lonesome Victorians topped the list searching for "internet dating" and "prostitute".

"With a capital city known as the city of churches, South Australians really are a different breed behind closed doors. There are probably a lot of people lining up at confessional each Sunday," said Love.

She added: "It's probably time that the Victorians put down the footballs and VB cans for a while and step out into the world to meet other people."