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 Survey Finds Some Kids' Names Spell Trouble
A new survey has found that teachers in the UK believe children with certain names are naughtier than the others.

Pollsters from the parenting club asked 3,000 teachers to come up with names that spell trouble for them.he 'Teachers Pest' list includes name like Callum, Chelsea, Connor, Jack, Brandon, Charlie, Courtney Chardonna; girl's name like Aliesha, Casey, Crystal, Jessica, Brooke and Demi and boys named Kyle, Liam, Jake and Brooklyn.

Teachers also earmarked traditional names like Alexander, Benjamin, Harry and William for boys and girls' names like Elizabeth, Emma, Charlotte and Alice in the 'Teachers Pets' list

The study found almost 49 per cent teachers assumed the naughtiness of a child as soon as they read their names in the register, at the beginning of the new session.

It was also found that more than one third of teachers expected children with certain names to be more troublesome than others.

The Sun quoted Faye Mingo, of the survey team as saying: "Teachers are only human and make assumptions like the rest of us.

"Rightly or wrongly, most of us make assumptions based on something as simple as a person's name and we base these on our previous experiences.

"It's only natural for teachers to make judgments based on the behaviour and performance of former pupils with the same name, but I'm sure that they are happy to be proved wrong.

"After all, there is always an exception to every rule. While many parents may worry about the name they choose for their child, all children will make a name their own."

Source: ANI

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