by Kathy Jones on  August 10, 2014 at 3:39 PM Sexual Health News
 Survey Finds 80 % of Saudis Blame 'Flirtatious Behavior' by Women for Sexual Harassment
Around 80 percent of people blame the rising incidents of sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia on the "deliberate flirtatious behavior" of women, a new survey has found.

The judgment was however dismissed by feminist advocates in both countries as age-old reactions to changing social behaviour and a tendency in conservative cultures to accuse the victim of provoking her mistreatment, Gulf News reports.

The survey that was conducted in Saudi Arabia by the King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue in Riyadh has triggered a low-key reaction in the kingdom.

Activist Yara Wazir reportedly said the report reflected an ongoing cycle within the community that blames any negative connotation within the society on the weakness of one's religious beliefs, and on women.

She said that the Arab society is not built on mutual respect or accepting differences even when it comes to something as God-given as gender.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minster of Turkey, Bulent Arinc, had made a bizzare comment by saying that women should not laugh out loud in public.

He said that chastity is an ornament for both women and men and that women will know what is haram and not haram, she will not laugh in public and will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness.

Following the comment, thousands of women posted pictures of themselves where they're 'laughing out loud', in order to highlight their rights in the country.

Source: ANI

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