Superstar Mohanlal Wishes to Donate His Organs

by Sheela Philomena on Jul 23 2012 11:42 AM

 Superstar Mohanlal Wishes to Donate His Organs
Mohanlal expresses his desire to donate his organs.
He made his desire public while speaking at a function organised by the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) here to compliment the efforts of the woman, Rainy Joy, who donated part of her liver to save her 16-year-old niece Swathi.

"The return to life of Swathi, the school-girl, should open up the awareness of organ donations in the state and I wish to donate my organs too," said Mohanlal.

Swathi was admitted to the AIMS with liver complication two weeks ago after a severe hepatitis attack and the doctors found that her liver was damaged and she required an organ transplant.

Swathi's mother could not donate owing to fatty liver problems and then her aunt volunteered. But as per the rules prevailing for organ transplant, only direct relatives can donate without documents.

Any relative other than parents, spouse, children or direct siblings require clearance from the organ donation committee headed by the health secretary. At an emergency meeting called by State Health Minister V.S.Sivakumar, the permission was granted. Swathi underwent a liver transplant July 13 and is now returning to normalcy.

A four-member team of doctors at the AIMS, headed by Sudhindra Nath, performed the 12-hour-long surgery.

Rainy Joy was also present on the occasion.