by Tanya Thomas on  May 22, 2010 at 11:45 AM Child Health News
 Study Claims Arsenic in Playgrounds Harmless to Children
University of Alberta researchers have found pressure treated wooden playground structures pose no risk to children playing there.

For parents who love to take their kids to the playground every summer, this is a great bit of news.

Chris Le, a scientist in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, can put to rest any safety concerns regarding playgrounds made of chromated copper arsenate-treated wood.

The study compared arsenic levels in urine and saliva samples of children playing in eight pressure treated wooden playgrounds and those in eight playgrounds made of other materials.

It found no significant difference in the concentration of arsenic species in children playing on playgrounds with or without the chemically treated wood - and hence concluded that CCA treated wood in playgrounds is not likely to significantly contribute to the overall arsenic exposure in children.

Around 70 per cent of playgrounds in North America are made with pressure-treated wood. Le and his group want to encourage children to stay physically active, just make sure to wash their hands after play.

Source: ANI

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