Smiling Could Ward Off the Blues

Smiling Could Ward Off the Blues
A new book written by Professor Jane Plant has said that millions of Britons can fight anxiety and depression by adopting some simple measures.
The book, "Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression", is also co-authored by Janet Stephenson. The authors advice people to eat seaweed and sushi, drink a smoothie, and send fewer text messages.

"We do not agree with the usual advice to 'keep taking your medication and eventually all will be well, because doctor knows best'," they wrote. "We challenge many of the conventions in the treatment of mental illness."

Former president of the British Medical Association Lord Walton of Detchant praised the book saying it was an "admirable book, which would do much to alleviate the fear, helplessness and hopelessness which many feel when suffering from mental ill-health."


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