Smart Rear View Mirror Vanishes Passengers!

by Dr. Enozia Vakil on Jun 1 2014 10:03 PM

 Smart Rear View Mirror Vanishes Passengers!
A new smart rear view mirror has been created for cars that could make passengers and other objects in the car disappear to provide a perfect view for the driver has been created by Nissan.
The cleverly designed mirror uses four cameras installed around the car to offer a virtual bird's-eye view for parking and navigating tight spaces and a small camera mounted behind the rear window, positioned in the cleaning area of wipers, which sends a feed to a video monitor embedded in the mirror housing, Fox News reported.

The area of vision provided by it almost matches up correctly to the mirrored surface, however, the picture can be adjusted for height, zoom and brightness.

The mirror works perfectly fine on the move, even in bad weather conditions after getting accustomed to it in a few minutes.

Nissan is planning to launch the rear view mirror in Japan next year.