by Himabindu Venkatakrishnan on  June 9, 2014 at 9:45 AM Research News
 Silver Nanoparticles to Target Tumors
A nanoparticle has been designed by Scientists at UC Santa Barbara, that is spherical in shape and silver in composition. It is encased in a shell coated with a peptide that enables it to target tumor cells. What's more, the shell is etchable so those nanoparticles that don't hit their target can be broken down and eliminated. The research findings appear today in the journal Nature Materials.

The core of the nanoparticle employs a phenomenon called plasmonics. In plasmonics, nanostructured metals such as gold and silver resonate in light and concentrate the electromagnetic field near the surface. In this way, fluorescent dyes are enhanced, appearing about tenfold brighter than their natural state when no metal is present. When the core is etched, the enhancement goes away and the particle becomes dim.

Source: Eurekalert

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