Sexual Dysfunction Treatment may Be Revolutionized by New Studies

 Sexual Dysfunction Treatment may Be Revolutionized by New Studies
There's new hope for people suffering from sexual dysfunction after initial results of several studies presented by young researchers at a recent conference showed some promise.
The researchers discussed the most cutting-edge research in sexual medicine at the 16th Annual Summer Research Conference, a collaborative project of the AUA Foundation and the Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR).

The presentations made during the conference collectively suggested that the contributions made by young researchers to the filed might change how sexual dysfunction would be diagnosed and treated in the future.

One of the findings presented was that metabolic syndrome could impact erectile function, and that statins might improve sexual function in men with metabolic syndrome.

The researchers behind the findings said that they injected statins three times a day into 16-20 week old rats for five days, which alleviated vascular constriction associated with metabolic syndrome, and improved erectile function.

Another presentation suggested that androgen therapy might actually restore sexual function faster post-prostatectomy than androgen deprivation with (PDE ) 5 inhibitors.

This theory counter conventional dictates depriving hypogonadal men of testosterone after a radical prostatectomy to avoid the possibility of feeding any remaining cancerous cells.

New studies are underway to test this theory.

While most studies group diabetic subjects into one cohort, there was one presentaion on a study that separated mice into type I and type II diabetes categories.

The researchers said that separating diabetic mice into separate cohorts showed that unique dysfunctions were at the root of erectile dysfunction in type I and type II diabetic animals.

According to them, future treatment of diabetes-related erectile dysfunction may differ depending on which type of diabetes is present.


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