Sex Starved Beware, the Big Brother is Watching

by Gopalan on Oct 2 2007 3:13 PM

Sex Starved Beware, the Big Brother is Watching
Even at the toilet stall, as a high profile US Republican senator discovered to his humiliation and horror.
A police agent scouring for gay solicitations almost literally caught the senator with his pants down at an airport, recently.

In the furore that followed the senator had to put in papers.

And now in Australia US sailor who 'groomed' a 14-year-old girl for sex online has received a 18-month suspended sentence and is expected to be deported.

Weapons electronics specialist David Wayne Budd, stationed in Rockhampton, Queensland, was sentenced over an explicit online chatroom conversation with a teenager named “Suzie” on July 21.

But the supposed teenager was in fact a 40-year-old detective from the New South Wales police's child exploitation unit.

Budd travelled to Sydney from Rockhampton and was arrested at Sydney Airport as he was preparing to board a flight to the US.

NSW District Court Judge Colin Charteris said the US serviceman had already suffered punishment and loss for his “isolated act of stupidity.”

Budd was confined to HMAS Kuttabul navy base in Sydney for three months and expects to lose his military career and over $1 million in pension entitlements.

He would also lose his navy health care entitlements.

The court heard Budd has become estranged from his wife and 7-year-old son.

Judge Charteris said the 29-year-old sex offender had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and expressed regret and extreme remorse at his actions.

He placed Budd on a three-year good-behaviour bond and registered him as a NSW sex offender.

Outside the court Budd's lawyer, Sam Macedone, said his client regretted his actions and would like to send out a message to the community: “Don't do it.”

He said his client would also continue psychotherapy, once he returned to Chicago, where members of his extended family are based.

He said Budd could face further disciplinary action from the US military upon his return to San Diego. He is expected to leave the country within two days.


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