Sex Education for All 11-year-olds: Brit Government

by Tanya Thomas on Jul 31 2008 8:54 AM

 Sex Education for All 11-year-olds: Brit Government
In this entire flurry about rising teen pregnancies, the British Government’s latest move comes as no surprise. A government-backed report has recommended compulsory sex health education at school for kids as young as 11!
According to the report, school kids ought to be taught about sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia that can cause infertility.

Academics should also discuss contraceptive methods in a bid to cut rising numbers of teen pregnancies.

The report found STI and HIV rates were rising while demand for abortions was also on the up.

It labeled the scale and nature of sexual ill health in England a "grave concern" - and warned the government's long-term sexual health strategy was in danger of failing.

The report said there had been "considerable action and funding ... to improve services" after the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV was published in 2001.

But it called for more testing for HIV and other STIs and improved access to abortions.

The report, by the Medical Foundation for Aids and Sexual Health and the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health, also called for family GPs to improve the sexual health care they give.

"We need GPs to be able to identify sexual health needs and be confident talking about sex," The Sun quoted Co-author Ruth Lowbury, a top sexual health expert, as saying.

"There are some ... who haven't really been interested in engaging with sexual health.

"There are differences in the basic level of care that people should be able to expect wherever they are," Lowbury added.

Lib Dem health spokeswoman Sandra Gidley said: "Some GPs are unwilling or unable to cope with these sensitive issues.

"Patients should be able to receive top quality service for any medical condition, including sexual health problems."


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