by Kathy Jones on  December 25, 2011 at 2:31 PM Lifestyle News
 Selfishness Vanishes at 33
A new study says that when we turn 33 we start considering others' feelings more often and stop being selfish.

Researchers at Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, a charity that grants wishes to youngsters fighting life-threatening illnesses, came to the conclusion after studying the attitudes of 2,000 adults aged from 20 to 60.

"It's never too early to put other people before yourself," Spokesman Emma Cronin said.

According to the study, when we reach 33, we are also more likely to make an effort with parents and grandparents and take a positive attitude towards ending feuds with family or friends, the Daily Mail reported.

The older we get, the more selfless we become in almost all areas of life except volunteering in the community, the report suggested.

Most people concur that having kids is the turning point in changing our attitudes towards other people because this is the time when we apparently find ourselves worrying more about others and doing things for them, like checking how they are getting home, offering to help with childcare and doing airport runs.

The study found that 40 per cent of those under 33 admitted being very selfish and putting themselves first in all circumstances.

Yet, 40 per cent of this age group often volunteer for charity or their community - higher than any other age group.

Researchers found that the age at which we are most selfish is our teenage years, with people revealing that just growing up made them more likely to consider others.

Source: ANI

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