Sales of Beer Plummets as More Women Go for Wines

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 10 2007 5:32 PM

Sales of Beer Plummets as More Women Go for Wines
A new study has shown that Lager is suffering a popularity plunge as drinkers, especially young women, are opting for more "sophisticated" alternatives such as rose wine.
The figures show that rose sales were up 188 per cent since 2005 to strike 49 million litres this year, less than a bottle for every adult in the country, but growing fast.

The study also shows that the amount of Lager sold in the UK is down 5 per cent compared to 2005, according to market analysts Mintel. This figure is expected to fall by another 8 per cent by 2012 to 3.65 billion litres.

And experts suggest that this trend is mainly fuelled by a change in the choices of young women, who are switching to wine, as they perceive to be a more sophisticated drink.

Mintel predicts that beer will continue to face this prejudice, as adults will be drinking 19 fewer pints a year in 2012 than this year.

"The traditional lager lout, with his beer belly and pint in hand, may be becoming a rarer breed here in the UK, as the lager market has well and truly lost its head," the Telegraph quoted Katy Child, senior market analyst at Mintel, as saying.

"As people are much more aware of the wide choice available, drinkers now realise that there is more to life than just a pint of lager," she added.

According to supermarket chain Sainsbury, the sales of sparkling rose wine have increased 30 per cent over the last 12 months, even with the wretched summer this year, which has depressed alcohol sales.

"Pink fizz is fun. It's a bit indulgent but people are increasingly seeing wine as a reward - mums treat themselves after they put the kids to bed," Lulie Halstead, the chief executive of market analyst Wine Intelligence, said.

"A glass of wine says, 'because I'm worth it'. And if it's pink and fizzy, it says, 'I'm worth a bit more,'" Halstead added.


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