by Tanya Thomas on  July 2, 2010 at 10:35 AM Lifestyle News
 Russian Model-Wannabes Forced into the Sex Trade
Young women in Russia, starry-eyed of making it big in the beauty business and its modelling world, are being pushed into underage sex and escort work, it has been revealed.

According to Sky News, women from struggling families found a different world of modelling, where instead of walking the catwalk they were forced to work as escorts.

Masha Arsen, who left her small town to embark on a life as a model in Moscow when she was 15, quickly returned home when she was pushed to work as an escort.

"One of the girls I lived with was 13, and on the eve of her 14th birthday she earned a lot of money by having sex with an oligarch," Fox News quoted her as telling Sky News.

"She bought loads of new expensive things. In this agency, girls of this age are of a higher value," she revealed.

Source: ANI

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