Research Reveals Sound of Waves is Music to Women

by Kathy Jones on Sep 8 2013 8:59 PM

 Research Reveals Sound of Waves is Music to Women
Certain sounds can have a soothing effect on one's mood, while some can affect negatively too, new research has revealed.
The 'sound of waves crashing on a beach' is the most popular and most loved sound by women, with nearly two thirds of the respondents voting for it. This was closely followed by 'birds singing', 'walking in the snow' and 'raindrops falling on a window'.

The study also found that women were twice as likely as men to favour the sweet sound of children laughing, reports

The most positive effect that sounds can have is bringing back good memories, and over a third of the respondents felt that their favourite sounds make them feel relaxed, happier and uplifted.

However, not all sounds bring pleasure. 'Teeth grinding' topped the list of the most hated sounds.

'Knuckle cracking', 'door slamming', 'partner snoring' and 'dentist cleaning plaque' were also voted by women as their most disliked sounds.

"Being able to hear our favourite sounds is something that we can take for granted. Our hearing is one of the most important human senses - it enables communication and is fundamental to our pleasure system. There are three tell-tale signs that could mean you have a hearing problem," said Hilary Jones, a doctor.