Report Says Pregnant Women Still Do Not Have Choice of Birth Location

by Rajshri on Oct 26 2009 9:56 PM

A new report by the National Childbirth Trust has revealed that more than 90% of women are still unable to choose where they give birth despite a UK government assurance that they would have this choice by the end of the year.

The report titled, Location, Location, Location: Making choice of place of birth a reality, said that the best places that allowed women a choice were South Cambridgeshire, Southwark in south London and Cambridge, while Middlesbrough, Boston, Copeland, Carlisle and Coventry were the worst.

"We are shocked by how far behind the government is in fulfilling its promise. It is extremely disappointing that for every 10 pregnant women, nine are not able to choose where they want to give birth," said Belinda Phipps, the NCT's chief executive told The Guardian. "We know that across the UK, government policies support women with choice. However, in reality this is not even close to being delivered yet."

The decision to allow women to make choices on their preferred place to give birth was made in April 2007.