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 Red Cars Least Prone to Crashes!
Your car's colour can help you avoid a crash, especially when visibility is low, reveals a new study.

According to the NRMA Insurance research, light or brightly coloured cars are about 10 per cent less likely to be a part of crashes during dusk, dawn and other times.

The research also found that red was considered to be a safe car colour, however, the popular colour silver was not thought to be harmless.

White, yellow, cream, beige and red were amongst the safest car colours. Green, black, blue and silver cars rated poorly for visibility.

To reach the conclusion, the NRMA photographed a line of different coloured cars in the same spot every 30 minutes from 4pm until sundown which showed, that as the light gets worse, the dark cars become hard to see while the lighter cars are still visible.

According to NRMA Insurance spokesman Adam Macbeth, there was also a link between colour and the severity of crashes.

"We found the average cost of repairs for light coloured cars is less than dark coloured cars, which may suggest they may be involved in less severe accidents," the Daily Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

He said silver-coloured cars were considered to be less safe than red cars.

"Silver blends into the environment, particularly on a cloudy day. Red is a fairly high contrast colour. It is seen on warning signs, stop signs and fire engines. Like yellow or white, it is a high-visibility colour," he added.

Source: ANI

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