Recycling Firm Fined for Polluting River With Poisonous Chemicals

by Venkatraman on Nov 5 2007 4:45 PM

A recycling firm that backed the Live Earth concert is in trouble for polluting a river with poisonous chemicals.

Bio Tech Oils UK, which turns used cooking oil into diesel, has now been slapped with a 19,000 pounds fine after a trainee worker at the company poured four barrels of toxic glycerine down a drain.

According to The Sun, the disposal of the glycerine caused the death of hundreds of fish, frogs and birds over a three-mile stretch of a river near Tredegar, South Wales.

The award-winning firm has admitted to disposing the chemicals in such a way.

Bio Tech Oils UK supplied all the generator fuel for July’s Live Earth gig at Wembley.

However, the company now faces utter ruin.