Pune Launches Awareness Drive Against Water Pollution

Pune Launches Awareness Drive Against Water Pollution
A Pune-based social organisation has launched a mass awareness drive against water pollution, covering 450 kilometres area to keep water resources free from pollutants.
According to Jaldindi Pratisthan, a social organisation, about 150 members have been voluntarily participating in this clean up drive for the past five years.

After worshipping at the Sant Gyaneshwar Smadhi Sthal (a mausoleum), at Alandi village, the members of Jaldindi took out a palanquin displaying the message of environment on a 12-day voyage.

"We have come here to take care of the rivers and also to make the general public aware about it so that all our sources of water can be kept clean," said Dr. Vishwas Yevle, President of the Jaldindi Pratisthan.

The expedition, covering various villages educating people along the way will conclude at Pandharpur, a revered place, located 65 km west of Sholapur, on the banks of the River Bhimarathi.

The drive will also use motor boats.

In Pune itself the drive is being carried on Pune’s river banks and lakes. The Jaldindi volunteers have collected a large amount of human bones, insect repellents, syringes, flowers, tonnes of non-degradable plastic and above all vast traces of oil, grease and odd chemicals.

Members of the Jaldindi appeal to the youth to come forward and join their drive for water cleaning since the positive results are long-term and meant for all.

"Today, the water in the rivers and lakes has become very dirty. The youth should come forward to prevent it. It is not just the duty of government but of all citizens ." said Sameer Nikam, a volunteer, Jaldindi Pratisthan.

Jaldindi Pratisthan has already covered rivers and lakes in the Pune-Satara-Solapur region.


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