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'Sweet' Confectioner's 'Green' Message to His Customers
A sweetmeat confectioner here has decided to sell his products in paper bags to his customers with a message to avoid using polythene bags. Thirty-six-year-old Vijay Ram distributes hard-paper made carry bags to his customers that have a social message: "Be eco-friendly" printed on them. "I am trying to put across my message to prevent pollution," said Vijay.

He narrates how it perturbed him for years to notice polythene or plastic bags being dumped into the dustbins by people which harmed helpless animals, whose daily meal depends on thrown away food items.

Polythene bags failed to decompose in the soil and create a lot of problems for humans, animals as well as nature. Vijay has decided to do something in his own small way to prevent the harm caused to the environment by polythene bags.

"My message to preserve the environment is printed on the sweet boxes. I also make pure sweets and use herbal colours for the preparations," said Vijay Ram, sweetmeat confectioner, Hyderabad. "I am an artist too so I tried to use herbal colours in my paintings. I wish to convey my message to the people through my paintings too," Vijay said.

Customers patronising his shop agree with Vijay Ram's concerns and appreciate his noble initiative. Many people have expressed support to his efforts. "I like all his programmes. I even attended one of the programmes conducted by Vijay Ram in which he showed how the cows are affected by the polythene waste and what could be done," said Venkateshwar, a customer.

With the festive season on in India, Vijay hopes that people would think twice before throwing synthetic bags in the garbage bins.

Source: ANI

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