Prospective Bridegrooms Shun Barwala Village Due to Acute Water Shortage

by Hannah Punitha on Dec 7 2008 2:41 PM

Getting a matrimonial alliance for their sons has become an uphill task for residents of Barwala Village, 40 kilometres from Uttarakhand's State capital Dehradun in Uttarakhand.

Nobody wants to marry his daughter to boys in Barwala Village following an acute water shortage, which has affected the general life here.

Barwala village has earned the place a bad reputation.

"No one is ready to get their daughters married in this village. Eligible bachelors of this village face a lot of problems in getting married. It's not difficult to find marriage proposal for the girls of this village, as they have to go out to another village only after marriage. And if, by chance, someone gets their daughter married in this village, they keep on complaining about the problems that their daughter has to face," said Vimala Devi, a resident of Barwala.

Despite its proximity to the State capital, the local administration seems unperturbed. There has not been any initiative towards solving the water problem.

People have to tread for over four kilometres to fetch just single pot of water.

"It has become impossible to find brides for men because all our relatives and villagers of other village know about the condition of our village. Source of River Ganga water is to our village. But we have to dig 20 feet and get water with 10 horse-power motor, to supply to Barwala Village," said Mahendra Sharma, another resident of Barwala.

According to some villagers, despite the taps being dry they are regularly getting water bills from authorities.

Local legislator, however, claims to have addressed all the problems vis-?-vis the water scarcity of Barwala.

"I have been the Member of Legislative Assembly for the past one-and-a-half years, and during my tenure I have always tried my level best to provide the villagers with water. In summers, we used to arrange for tankers. And this year also we will be providing minimum quantity of water required in all of these villages," said Munna Singh Chauhan, Member of Legislative Assembly and Bharatiya Janata Party leader.