by Vanessa Jones on  May 5, 2014 at 4:26 PM Health Insurance News
 Proposal for Health Cover for Employee Only to be Considered
The Phelps County Commission, USA, was asked to consider a proposal which offered health insurance only to the employees and not to the family and dependents of the employee. This would happen when the county renewed its plans for the next year.

Sheran Ashby, of Ashby Covenant Insurance mentioned this proposal during a meeting with the commissioners. She mentioned that as the county offered health insurance to employees and their spouses along with dependent members, so, when spouses did not take health covers they were ineligible for subsidies too.

When the county did not offer the family plan the employee spouse could always enroll through the health exchange and become eligible for tax credits and subsidies and gain an affordable premium. Ashby was unsure as to the types of subsidies that would be available the next year, but was sure that it would help employees with families or spouses.

"We can take this law (Affordable Care Act) and turn it into something good for you," Ashby said. The county's health insurance would likely be up for renewal in October, Ashby said. According to the county clerk's office, there are 17 county employees who have coverage on dependents through the county's plan. There are 93 employees who only have coverage for themselves.


Paul Hackbarth, May 2014

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