Professional Dating Coaches Train Brit Men on Soical Skills and Sex Life

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 26 2008 7:19 PM

In a bid to improve their social skills and sex life, British men are splashing loads of money on learning how to flirt with the help of professional dating coaches.

One such coach is Oliver Dicker, 23, who offers practical sessions for frustrated blokes and teaches them how to talk to women.

'Lifestyle consultant' Oliver works for a company called The Natural Within, which offers help to men leading "sexually unfulfilled lives" after a difficult break-up.

Charging 695 pounds for a weekend session, he teaches his students to be their selves when approaching women.

"Remember that some of the nicest women to approach are the good-looking ones. These women are well socialised and have been to plenty of parties - they're used to making conversation with strangers," the Daily Express quoted Oliver, as saying.

However, The Natural Within is not alone in its plight to turn frustrated blokes into girl-magnets-Neil Strauss's now cult book, 'The Game', inspired a generation of geeks to learn the art of flirt.

There is also 'Lay reports' - where wannabe pick up artists boast about their sexual conquests together - are increasingly common on the web, encouraging a generation of arrogant seducers.

But, Oliver slams the above approaches, saying: "We get sick and tired of having to de-programme our clients who have read The Game. That book gives the impression that women are confused - that none of them know what they want. But that's incredibly patronising. Most of the women I've met know exactly what they want."

According to him, winning a girl is all about taking an interest in her, and one does not require any sleaze for that.

"Ask her big questions and care about the answers. What is her big dream in life? If she could go anywhere, where would she go? What makes her truly happy? Create a rapport by getting her to invest in you and by sharing yourself with her," he said.

And when it comes to flirting, Oliver says: "Use prolonged eye contact and a cheeky smile. Adopt a playful tone of voice or subtle sexual innuendo and don't shy away from risque topics. Flirting will excite her and keep you away from the dreaded friend zone!"