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 Prisoner Gets Sex as Reward For Confession of Crime
Police officers in Australia have now taken to solving crime by offering their prisoners favours like sex with their girlfriends in exchange for confessions.

According to evidence given by a prisoner to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, the police picked him up from jail and took him for a drive through the suburbs on Brisbane's southside, reports the Courier Mail.

He was handed a list of unsolved break-and-enters, perhaps as many as 300, and he was told that he needed to admit to at least 20 to make his reward worthwhile.

The police then collected the prisoner's girlfriend, and delivered her to Morningside police station, where they had sex and where the prisoner injected himself with drugs his girlfriend brought.

The prisoner, called RI in the scathing report into police released this week, was not the only person allowed to come and go from their jail cell.

Murderers and armed robbers were allowed out of custody: one to meet his partner and young children in Roma Street Parkland for a play; another to lunch at a swish riverside restaurant.

The revelations this week are terrible, but so is the response to them at every level.

The Police Union decided to go in to bat for those police officers who were subject to the report, not the 99.9 per cent of others who are honest and law-abiding and who will be tainted by the accusations levelled at their colleagues.

Commissioner Atkinson, who accepts responsibility for the misconduct, has allowed many of those under a cloud to resign on full benefits.

Source: ANI

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