by Hannah Punitha on  December 6, 2008 at 3:01 PM Lifestyle News
 Pre-wedding Makeover Packages Launched by Manipal Cure and Care
Manipal Cure and Care presents pre-wedding makeover packages for the brides and grooms to be.

MCC's beauty services - 'MASK' offers a range of safe and effective services to prepare the bride and groom for the wedding day. These special packages suit the varying needs of the guests.

These special packages are Mini Derma Refresh Package, Revitalizing package, Express Skin Care Package and Cosmeceutical Packages.

Apart from this, these packages also include diet evaluation, gynecology and physician consultation along with medical advice on personal hygiene and healthy habits. Experts at Manipal Cure and Care guide the would-be couple on grooming of skin, hair, eye and diet care.

These packages are personalized as per the needs of the couple and the time left for their marriage. There are packages that take as little as a week to the extensive ones that spread for 45 days.

These packages include dermatologist consultation, tips on daily grooming including eye care, skin hydration, pigmentation control, skin protection and hair care, gynecologists/ physician consultation on personal hygiene and contraceptives, diet evaluation -body composition analysis and dietary counseling. The skin wellness checkup consists of CBC, Blood group and Glucose Random.

"While all bridal packages present in the market are specific to beauty and skin, our packages provide overall solutions with healthcare and sexual advice. This makes our packages comprehensive and unique," said Dr. Charu Sharma, Category Manager (Dermatology), MCC.

Reinstating on the health background of these beauty packages, Dr. Satish Amarnath, Medical Director, MCC said, "Our services are delivered by expert clinicians and trained professionals to ensure absolute safety and optimum benefits of our guests. The products used are of the best quality imported exclusively by MCC."

Source: ANI

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