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Penile Extender Adopted by Leading American and European Surgeons
The X4 Labs Extender or stretcher is a medical traction device used for non-surgical penile augmentation. The penile stretcher is used in non-surgical and surgical augmentation. It is also used for the treatment of penile curvature and Peyronie's disease, two disorders which had previously required surgery.

The X4 Labs device is one of the only medical devices to provide truly universal support for both circumcised and uncircumcised patients. Its hybrid support system allows for use of both the traditional and contemporary methods of fixation. The recent engineering breakthrough has resulted in a growing interest for the device, particularly for preventing scar-tissue after penile lengthening surgery.

It has also been noted to provide significant lengthening solely through non-surgical means. Leading doctors in the field have now prescribed the device to hundreds of patients who have undergone surgery. The penile extender is also being prescribed to you younger men by medical practitioners as an alternative to penile lengthening surgery, as it is a more economic means.

In the United States the device has more recently been used as an alternative to the traditional type AndroPenis device. The Hybrid Support System provides tremendous advantage in combining the two methods of support. The leading European penile augmentation specialist, Dr. Ruslan Petrovich recently noted that the device was the "first universal support extender".

Less prominent specialists and doctors have also adopted the device, in hopes of replacing the many antiquated penile stretchers currently on the market. The device has undergone over 7 years of extensive research, leading to the most efficient penile stretching device.

Patients and doctors have been satisfied with the superior quality of the device. The device has now been adopted by several doctors internationally and offered to patients in over 70 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Community.

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