Passwords Can Be Replaced With 'passthoughts' The Help Of A New Device

by Rukmani Krishna on Apr 14 2013 11:46 PM

 Passwords Can Be Replaced With
A report has said that researchers have now created a new device that would replace passwords with 'passthoughts' for computer authentication.
Researchers at the UC Berkeley School of Information, have formed a 100-dollars headset that wirelessly connects to a computer via Bluetooth.

The device's sensor rests against the user's forehead, providing a electroencephalogram (EEG) signal from the brain, Mashable reports.

Researchers say the NeuroSky Mindset looks just like any other Bluetooth set and is more user-friendly.

Brainwaves are also unique to each individual, so even if someone knew your passthought, their emitted EEG signals would be different, researchers explained.

The idea of mind-reading is pretty convenient, but if the devices aren't accessible people will refuse to use it no matter how accurate the system, researchers added.