Parents Fail to Protect Their Child's Eyesight in the Sun

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 19 2009 8:34 PM

It appears that parents have thrown caution to the winds with regard to offering adequate protection against the sun for their kids with 3 out of 4 parents in this category.

Sunglasses with UV protection are a must for youngsters when they are in the sun but 76% of parents agreed that their children do not wear sunglasses.

Though most parents employ sun creams to protect their children from the sun, nearly 29
% of parents never invested in sunglasses for their children.

Even if they did buy, most of them compromised on the brand, going for cheaper brands which may not offer the necessary protection.

 Children with light coloured eyes especially those with blue eyes must always wear sun glasses when they are out in the sun, the experts advised.   Sunlight can be harmful for the retina and the eye lens, causing irreparable damage. Cataracts and age-related macular degeneration is fallout of abnormal exposure to the sun.

If children keep fidgeting with their sunglasses, sun hats may be the need of the hour to offer adequate protection. 

Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric adviser at The College of Optometrists, said: “I am shocked to see that so many parents aren't ensuring that their child's eyes are protected in the sun, and am equally astounded to see that of those who do, many are opting for 'cheap and cheerful' over quality. Sunglasses don't need to be expensive to offer good protection but it is important for parents to check that the pair they buy carry a CE Mark”