by Hannah Punitha on  August 22, 2008 at 1:46 PM Lifestyle News
 Oz Women are The World's Most Timid When It Comes to Self-promotion at Work
Australian women are the world's most timid so far as self-promotion at work and career networking is concerned, according to a new survey.

Shannon Goodson, a U.S. researcher behind the survey, said that professional women in Australia were not earning what they were worth because they "struggle with stage fright and sensitivities about appearing too forward, pushy or intrusive", the Advertiser reports.

She further states that being hampered by female bosses also sabotages some women's advancement prospects.

According to her international survey, British women are the best at self-promotion, followed by American women.

The survey also revealed that Chinese women outboasted their male colleagues when it came to advancing their own interests at work.

Goodson said that she was surprised by the results, as English women are known to be meek and Australian women outspoken.

"They're not comfortable with conflict," she said of Australian women.

During the study, the surveyors observed that women were consistently more hesitant than men to network, and draw their boss's attention to their skills and successes "regardless of country or culture".

Goodson said that women needed to step outside their "comfort level", and build relationships with their influential colleagues.

"Traditionally women feel that if they work hard and they're loyal, they will be recognised and it doesn't work that way," she said.

Environmental management consultant Jean Cannon said that she had noticed Australian women were poor performers when it came to boasting.

However, she also observed that younger women were better than older colleagues.

"We tend to go back into our 'barbecue role' - we don't mix, we stay quieter, we don't push (our talents) as much," she said.

Source: ANI

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