Only 10 Percent of Brits Say Thank You These Days Due to Stress

by Hannah Punitha on Dec 4 2008 4:03 PM

Only one in five Britons always make sure that they say please when asking for something, according to a new research, which also found that an ungrateful 91 per cent do not bother to say thank you.

According to the study, Britons are becoming ruder than ever because of their stressful and hectic lives.

They are forgetting the common courtesies such as please and thank you and other hallmarks of good manners, such as sending handwritten thank-you letters and holding the door open, are slipping, reports the Daily Express.

A spokesman for stationers Stabilo, who polled 2,000 in a survey, said: Life is so fast-paced these days that people no longer make the time for social niceties.

By taking the time to put pen to paper in the form of a handwritten thank-you letter, you are telling the recipient that they are special to you.

The attitude of firing off quick texts and emails has probably led to our ruder and less patient society, he added.

The study also revealed that at least one in 10 people claim they wouldn't bother apologizing if they bumped into a passer-by and 12 per cent would happily let a door slam in someone's face if they were in a hurry.