Chinese Man Wakes Wife from 10-year Coma by Nibbling Her Toe!

by Hannah Punitha on Dec 4 2008 3:49 PM

A Chinese man was left stunned when he woke his wife from a 10-year coma by nibbling on her toes.

Zhang Kui's wife of 27 years Lu Fengshuang fell into coma after she suffered a head injury in an industrial accident.

Zhang, of Shenyang, who had tried everything under the heaven to wake his wife from playing music, speaking to her, tickling her, finally woke her up by nibbling on her toes.

"I then recalled someone saying that the feet are the home for many nerves, I wondered if I could wake her up by biting her feet," The Telegraph quoted Kui, as telling the Liao Sheng Evening Post.

Kui revealed it was incredible to see his wife wake up from the coma, who clinched his hand after he nibbled on her toes.

"I got goose bumps. It was like a dead person suddenly gripping your hand," he said.

The next challenge for Kui is to hear his wife's voice again.