Obesity Causes Medical Issues Linked to BPA, Claims Study

by Kathy Jones on Feb 16 2013 9:46 PM

 Obesity Causes Medical Issues Linked to BPA, Claims Study
While serious concerns have been raised over the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics that are often used to package food, researchers at Medical Research Council’s Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh reveal that obesity and overeating are the real causes of all the diseases that are being said to have caused by BPA.
Lead researcher Professor Richard Sharpe said that while there have been a number of studies linking BPA with a number of health risks, including diabetes and infertility, it does not mean that the chemical itself is causing the illnesses.

Instead Professor Sharpe said that people who are obese or eat modern western diet have higher levels of BPA in their bodies.

“None of these studies actually shows that bisphenol A exposures causes the disorders, the exposure is simply associated with occurrence of the disorders. If this association was due to cause and effect, it would mean that bisphenol A was incredibly potent and toxic, and this does not agree with published studies. This possibility therefore seems illogical”, Professor Starke said.


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