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 NZ Kids Using SMSs for Counseling
A new study says that children in New Zealand are increasingly using their mobiles to get counseling.

As per findings, revealed by Youthline spokesman Stephen Bell, two years ago the number of texts a day used to be just three, but as of last month, up to 70 messages a day have been received by its text counselling service.

In 2006, Graham Roper, of Dunedin, tried unsuccessfully to set up a one-stop text exchange service for anyone having psychological problems.

He said Youthline told him then that the idea would not work and that Youthline was getting only about 20 texts each week.

"If someone is in a situation with depression, or whatever it might be, they might want a private way to make contact then they would use texts," the NZPA quoted Roper as saying.

New research from two Canterbury University academics suggests the trend is to be applauded.

The work, by Lee Thompson and Julie Cupples, of the university's geography department, found texting-encouraged contact.

"They facilitate communication among teenagers rather than destroying it. It doesn't make them avoid people; they use it to meet up," Thompson said.

Source: ANI

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