Nudism on Beaches Supported by Kiwi Men

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 3 2008 9:02 PM

Men are more in favour of allowing nudity on beaches than their female counterparts, reveals a new survey in New Zealand.

According to a Research New Zealand poll, 28 percent of the people questioned thought that there should be no restriction on being nude on beaches while 45 percent opposed the idea.

Though the age factor was also taken into consideration with 37 percent of respondents falling between the age brackets of 15-29 favouring the notion while 18 percent of those over 60 refusing it.

"Males were more likely to support nudity on our beaches than females -- 33 percent of males compared to 24 percent of females," the NZPA quoted Research New Zealand director Emanuel Kalafatelis as saying.

"Similarly, those against nudity were more likely to be females (52 percent compared to 38 percent of males)," he added.