Not Chat Lines, but Witty and Wise Texts Will Land Men the Girls!

by Hannah Punitha on Jul 13 2008 3:30 PM

Here's a little tip for men: It's not your chat up lines that will make the ladies flock to your side, but your texting prowess.

According to a new poll, men whose texts are both witty and wise are the one most likely to get the thumbs up from those lovely ladies.

And if you think that this is all hogwash, well then you better think again for as it turns out, more than three in four women are likely to judge a man character simply by the way he sends his text messages.

This in turn, is due to the fact that almost nine in 10 girls prefer swap texts than speaking on the phone after exchanging numbers with men they're interested in, reports the Daily Star.

Don't think that just any kind of language will do. A surprising 41 percent of women are turned off by spelling and grammar mistakes in messages - even though slang is popular.

67 percent would rather date a man who sends send longer texts that are not only innocently flirty, but funny to boot.

A big turn off is cold basic messages. Send one of those, and it's more than likely that you won't get a reply.

Another big no-no happens to be heavily abbreviated texts that come with smiley faces and phrases like C U L8R.

Such a message left 63 percent of the 2,000 people polled shuddering.

Rambling texts will also not do, with 58 percent of those quizzed saying that it makes the sender seem "nerdy and desperate".

William Ostrom of enquiry service 118118, which carried out the poll, said: "Paying attention to texting is important for single men as women place so much importance on it.

"Texting has reached an incredible 15 million a day in the UK because it is less pressurised than a phone call, and allows people to have more control over what they say."