Nine-year-old’s Obsession With Vacuum Cleaners

by Savitha C Muppala on Apr 20 2013 9:08 AM

 Nine-year-old’s Obsession With Vacuum Cleaners
A nine-year-old boy, Lane, is suffering a rare condition that causes him to be fascinated with vacuum cleaners, instead of toys like others his age.
This extreme fondness for vacuum cleaners, especially his favorite Henry, comes from a rare chromosome disorder called Williams Syndrome, which is marked by a deep desire to possess items. In Lane’s case, he is obsessed with Hoovers.

In this condition, victims have advanced social skills, so they actually converse in a more mature manner like grown ups. He is more sociable than most kids his age.

Lane has collected a variety of household cleaners and has nearly 17 of them. He uses them as often as he can.

Lane’s father, Mark said, “We treat him to a visit to a shop as a reward for being good and it’s like watching an old man looking at a classic car. He studies every detail and knows all the different models, makes and product numbers. His room is full of hoovers and he has more in the garden. I think there’s more to come because he’s now gravitating toward carpet washers.”

Lane said: “I love cleaning and I do it every day. I love most hoovers and carpet cleaners – especially Henry.”