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 Night Club Attack Victimís Father Calls for Better Medical Care at Greek Tourist Resorts
The father of the Australian youth beaten to death on a Greek island has called for better medical care at all tourist resorts in the country.

The death of 20-year-old Doujon Zammit, following a vicious attack†by night club bouncers on Mykonos island last week, stunned a nation that thrives on tourism.

The young man's father Oliver Zammit called on Greek Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos and pressed his case for medical facilities.

He later told reporters, "I've ... asked the Minister of Health to promise me that the people, the Government, the parliament will get together and realise that they do have a problem on Mykonos when it comes to hospitals," he said.

"You have thousands of people going to these islands, and these tourists need to know that if they get into trouble that they can get the medical care.

"It's not always about money, it's about life," Oliver Zammit stressed.

Doujon Zammit was originally sent to a health centre on Mykonos but had to be flown to a hospital in Athens, a common practice with medical emergencies on many of the Greek islands, which lack full-blown hospital facilities.

Doujon died in an Athens hospital on Friday after his life support was switched off.

Health Minister Avramopoulos thanked Oliver Zammit, who is leaving Greece, for donating his son's heart, kidneys, liver and lungs to four people, including a 30-year-old Greek Australian in hospital in Athens.

"Mr Zammit is leaving Greece, leaving behind four [people who are] siblings of his son," Avramopoulos said.

"His generosity is a lesson. The Greek state honours his important gesture and assures him that his son's legacy will not go to waste."

During a visit to Mykonos on Saturday, Tourism Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos said bouncers "cannot be allowed to govern the island's nightlife."

Earlier this week, around 500 people gathered in Doujon Zammit's home suburb of Cecil Hills in western Sydney to celebrate life, lighting candles in his memory.

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