Newborn Baby Declared Dead Wakes Up 10 Hours Later

by Kathy Jones on Nov 19 2013 8:32 PM

 Newborn Baby Declared Dead Wakes Up 10 Hours Later
A newborn baby in Quibdo, western Colombia, who was declared dead, woke up crying in the hospital morgue 10 hours later.
Jenny Hurtado underwent a Caesarean Section in San Francisco de Asis hospital after just 27 weeks of pregnancy. The doctors declared the baby dead 35 minutes after the surgery and the baby was put in a box and sent to the morgue while the mother received treatment. The hospital staff waited for the husband, a fisherman, to arrive and collect the box but when he did so, he and an attendant heard a faintest of cries and quickly contacted the doctors who confirmed that the baby was indeed alive.

The baby was transferred to the Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus clinic in the capital Bogota where she is being kept in intensive care for treatment to her underdeveloped lungs while the mother remains in the Quidbo hospital. Specialist doctor Javier Zagarra said that one of the reasons why the baby was declared dead could be because of a soft heartbeat at the time of birth.

“In some cases the heart movements are not perceptible even though the newborn is alive, they can declare it dead. When they wrap the baby in a sheet, upon receiving warmth, the baby can then revitalize”, he said.


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