New Toffee and Vodka Liqueur Launched in India

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 19 2007 2:37 PM

What tastes like toffee, has the consistency of cream, gives you a mild buzz and is good for making cocktails with? Dooley's original toffee and vodka liqueur, now launched in India.

Thomas Altenberger, bar manager of a famous Berlin hotel who was here for the launch Friday night, said this liqueur was good for three reasons.

One, it has 17 percent alcohol, lower than others, which is good if one has to drive home afterwards.

Two, it uses thin cream with 50 percent less fat than other cream liqueurs, which is good for those worried about the fat content of what they drink.

Three, it uses vodka instead of whisky as base, which means one can hardly smell or taste any alcohol.

It is also pretty good for making cocktails with, as Thomas and wife Franziska Altenberger demonstrated at the launch in a bar at The Park here. Anyone with a shaker and the right ingredients can do the same at home, they assured.

The liqueur will be in stores around the country very soon, said Sanil Manocha of Two Friends, the distributor in India.