by Tanya Thomas on  June 4, 2010 at 11:38 AM Women Health News
 Namibian HIV-Positive Women Won't Take Forced Sterilisations Lying Down
An HIV-positive woman Namibian woman has sued doctors in the country's top court, alleging that they removed her uterus without her consent. For the same reason, three other women launched a lawsuit against the state for alleged forced sterilisations.

"I did not know about sterilisation and I did not know my uterus was removed until after the operation," one of the women, who is in her thirties, told the southern African nation's high court.

The three women, all HIV-positive, are suing the health ministry for one million Namibian dollars (130,000 dollars, 95,000 euros) in compensation.

Namibia's Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), which brought the case to court, claims to have recorded 15 cases of non-consensual sterilisation of HIV-positive women.

Dozens of women marched outside the court as the trial got underway on Tuesday.

"HIV-positive women are holding the health care system accountable for the wrongs done to them," said Veronica Kalambi of the Women's Health Network organisation in Namibia.

"These violations of women's rights are in the context of a broader set of violations occurring against women at hospitals and clinics."

Source: AFP

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