Mystery of Headphone Cords Getting Entangled Revealed

by Himabindu Venkatakrishnan on Jun 16 2014 5:09 PM

 Mystery of Headphone Cords Getting Entangled Revealed
A paper entitled 'Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string' was published by a couple of students from the University of California that reveals data on the mystery of tangled headphones.
The data reveals that if the cord was less than 46 centimeters in length it will never get tangled, reported.

The data also revealed that any cord longer than 46 centimeters it will turn into a tangled ball of doom, but at 150cm it hits the maximum possible probability of tangling at 50 percent.

The paper also confirmed that headphones tangled themselves within seconds, and that it was not just due to your messy bag as it was mostly due to the cord being agitated and the movement and tumbling of your headphones in the space they were kept.