by Savitha C Muppala on  September 24, 2013 at 11:42 AM Lifestyle News
 Music Makes Him Cry
Nine-year-old Louis Mushrow of Flintshire in UK just bawls out when he hears music and this is not his fault. Louis is a victim of Smith-Magenis syndrome.

Louis starts crying when he hears certain songs and this emotional response is attributed to Smith-Magenis syndrome. This is a chromosomal abnormality and is thought to affect about one out of 25,000 people worldwide.

His mother Lisa Mushrow said, "Certain music always makes him cry, especially classical music or pop songs about love. People sometimes think he's crying because he's upset. We found out it's because certain music releases all these emotions in his brain."

Smith-Magenis syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by mild intellectual disability, slow development of language skills and also behavioral issues. Even though they come across as amiable personalities, people who are victims of this syndrome can experience outbursts.

Louis' symptoms were noticed by his parents soon after his birth, as he refused to feed on his own. "As a mum I just knew something wasn't right," says Lisa. "We decided to have genetic testing done. The results came back saying he had Smith-Magenis Syndrome. We walked away with a sickening feeling. It was the worst day of our lives."

This condition has no cure and the Mushrows hope that more research and continued education will help Louis to finish school.

"I hope that he'll go on to college one day," said Lisa Mushrow. "I just want him to be safe and happy."

Source: Medindia

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