by Rajashri on  July 5, 2009 at 10:33 AM Lifestyle News
 Most Oz Family Dinners End Up in Rifts
A survey of Aussie mothers has revealed that over 40 percent of sit-down meals end in arguments, acrimony and tears.

In the survey, 16,579 Australian mums were asked what they normally did during dinner, 26.22 per cent said that they discussed the day's events or talked about topical issues, while 15.59 per cent quietly watched TV.

The latest Voice of Aussie Mums survey conducted for Nestle found that almost eight per cent (7.74 per cent) of mums said that they told stories.

However, for 40.45 per cent of families, dinner is an unpleasant experience, with the meal usually ending in an argument.

But, despite the friction, former netball champion and Nestle spokeswoman Liz Ellis has said that families should make efforts and try to eat together at the dinner table.

"Our fast paced lives leave us little time to communicate as a family,'' the Courier Mail quoted Ellis as saying in a statement.

She added: "Eating dinner together regularly can be a fantastic source of quality time and a way to keep the family in contact during a hectic week. "

While over 76 per cent of mums said that sit-down meals strengthened their family's communication, 47.28 per cent believed that it helped foster family traditions.

A total of 61.84 per cent said that they usually ate dinner at the dining room table, 17.85 per cent in front of the TV, and 15.41 per cent at the kitchen bench or table.

A small percentage, 4.9 per cent, eat on a sofa, reading the news or in other informal ways.

Source: ANI

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