Most Men Prefer Mum’s Cooking

by Kathy Jones on Mar 18 2012 12:17 AM

 Most Men Prefer Mum’s Cooking
A survey carried out by an entertainment channel in Britain has found that majority of men prefer their mothers’ cooking to that of their wives.
The survey, carried out by Food Network UK, found that men prefer their mothers’ cooking as it is more traditional and hearty compared to the pre-prepared meals of their wives or girlfriends. Nearly 22 percent of the 2,000 men polled revealed that they sneaked out to their mother’s house after a stressful day in order to catch a meal.

The survey also underlines a fierce competition between a mother and a wife in the kitchen with nearly 10 percent stating that they believe their wives feel pressurized to live up to their mother-in-law’s cooking skills.

More than 47 percent also said that they did complain to their wives if the cooking up to the scratch though 20 percent of them admitted that they do it in a jokey sort of way so that they do not hurt their wives’ feelings.

“It would seem there is rivalry in many homes over who cooks the best food. As adults, men still seek the comfort and tradition of the cooking they have grown up with so turn to their mums for what they perceive as a ‘proper meal’”, spokesman for Food Network UK, Nick Thorogood said.