by Savitha C Muppala on  March 27, 2013 at 11:39 PM Lifestyle News
 Meet the Super Dog That can Change Diapers
A service dog in England has done the unbelievable of assisting its handicapped owner in every possible way, even changing diapers of a new born child.

Orca is a golden retriever, and has been with the owner since 2003. The owner, Cheryl Alexander of Yorkshire, England, is a teacher but is also suffering from a nerve disease called as Reflex Neuro­vascular dystrophy.

Cheryl is unable to perform even the simplest of tasks like bending, due to the disorder. After Cheryl became a mother a few months ago, her dog, Orca helps in changing wipes, and diapers. He also helps throw out the old diaper.

This dog had earlier received a PDSA gold medal for saving Alexander's life in 2003 after she fell into a ditch along with her wheelchair. The dog had fled to get help from a jogger and it was possible to rescue Cheryl.

Orca is really so unique that he routinely helps with tasks such as using a washing machine, attending to the baby and answering the door to visitors. He also operates the light switches.

Isn't it apt to ask the question after reading this story, what can a dog not do if it is trained well?

Source: Medindia

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