Mathematical Formula for the Perfect Shower Devised

 Mathematical Formula for the Perfect Shower Devised
Neuropsychologists have come up with a mathematical formula to make sure that you get a perfect shower in the morning.
According to Mindlab International, the balance of privacy, pressure, time and temperature in the shower all need to be carefully moderated to create the perfect shower experience.

The team led by neuropsychologist David Lewis developed the formula for Cheltenham-based manufacturers Mira Showers.

The formula took into account several basic shower features, from the force of the jet and the time you take in your shower, to concern that the hot water will run out.

Each shower is rated on a scale of one to 100, with a score of 85 to 100 resulting in a perfect shower.

"Creating the optimum shower is no easy feat, but a worthwhile endeavour. It offers psychological benefits; by varying the temperature of the water and the power of the jets, relaxation or stimulation can be aided,” the Independent quoted Lewis, as saying.

"Endorphins are then released in the brain to make our mood more positive and feel energized.

"Also, because our skin contains a thousand nerve endings per square inch, creating the perfect shower to stand under is crucial in creating intense and extremely pleasurable physical sensations.

"As an added bonus, showers generate negative ions that also have an uplifting effect on mood, so help to further reduce stress, wash away frustrations and dissolve muscle tension,” the expert added.

The shower formula took into consideration the following seven essential elements: water pressure, environmental conditions, privacy factor, time length of shower, temperature of shower in degrees Celsius, fixture type and spray pattern.

Lewis and his team surveyed 1,000 adults in the UK for the study held last month.


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