Many a Brit Girl’s Only Aspiration in Life is to Marry a Footballer!

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 16 2008 8:50 AM

UK's Culture Minister recently stated that young girls are so awed by the glitz and glam of celebrity life that all their lives’ aspirations amount to just “being famous” or “marrying a footballer”.

Barbara Follett, who is married to a millionaire novelist, stated that girls either want to ape celebs or marry footballers, and such lack of ambition among kids would take them to poverty.

"There is not enough aspiration among kids and not enough application once they get into schools," The Sun quoted Barbara, as saying.

The minister addressed young girls as "Barbie Dolls" in the making, at a project launch in Sufflok and urged the teachers to inculcate the value of contribution among kids.

"Our society is in danger of being Barbie-dolled. I would like teachers to make kids realize what a contribution they have to make," she said.