Man Suffers Kerosene Burns During Fire-Breathing Stunts

by Shirley Johanna on Dec 21 2015 6:51 PM

Man Suffers Kerosene Burns During Fire-Breathing Stunts
A fire-breathing stunt at the weekly community event in Justins Park at Burleigh Heads, went wrong when flames went down a 20-year-old man’s throat.
He was taken to the hospital suffering internal burns after inhaling a fire and kerosene mix.

The 20-year-old suffered serious burns to his face and airway while trying to light kerosene he had spat out.

"He appeared to inhale the kerosene rather than expel it, and that caused the fire to go down his throat and into his airway. It certainly caused him a lot of pain, and he was in quite a bit of distress," said, Stephen Rashford, Queensland Ambulance Service medical director.

The man was put in an induced coma to protect him from airway swelling and to allow for pain relief, said Dr Rashford.

The accident happened on December 20 at a Burleigh Heads park where fire twirlers regularly perform. The man was later transferred to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.