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 Man Facing Jail After Tricking Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend into Taking Pill That Caused Miscarriage
A 29-year old man from Florida is facing a 15-year jail sentence after tricking his pregnant ex-girlfriend into taking a pill that caused her miscarry the baby.

Andrew Welden was charged with tampering with a consumer product and conspiracy to commit mail fraud and has pled guilty and is currently awaiting sentencing. Welden first met Remee Jo Lee, 27, at Class Act Show Bar in Tampa where she worked as a dancer. Before meeting Welden, Lee struggled with alcohol addiction, got caught while stealing a $300 worth of cosmetics, was involved in a car accident and had records that she was caught with marijuana in her car. However on meeting Welden, she decided to clean up her act and began a sexual relationship where neither of them used protection.

When Welden, a biomedical sciences and religion and son of a fertility doctor, was told by Lee that she was pregnant, he begged her to abort the baby. However she refused to abort it as she wanted to be a mother. Welden then took her to his father's clinic for a prenatal examination and later brought a bottle of pills labeled 'amoxicillin' but which actually contained Cytotec, a stomach ulcer drug which can also cause miscarriage.

Lee started to feel the effects of the drug after taking just one pill and was rushed to a hospital where the doctor told that she had lost her baby. When she questioned Welden, he confessed to giving her Cytotec and was immediately charged for his crime.

"I was hoping that this was some sort of horrible mistake. He told me what the medication was, and it was Cytotec. I am just a girl from Lutz that fell in love with the wrong man", Lee told in an interview with ABC.

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